Colombia Travel Blog Posts

Notorious for drug cartels and organized crime, Colombia was pretty much removed from travel itineraries in the decades leading up to the new millennium.

But now, Colombia is back on the radar of backpackers. Colombia is a safe place to travel as long as you heed the advice of the US Department of State.

I began my Colombia travels in the historical town of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast. Next stop was Medellin, home of the infamous Pablo Escobar. After that, a 12 hour bus trip to Bogota, and finally a flight all the way down to Leticia.

Why Should You Travel to Colombia?

First and foremost, Colombia is a great place for budget backpackers to travel to because it is cheap. With hostels starting at a few dollars per night and loads of cheap food, you can easily spend less than $30/day.

If you’re a beach bum, you can stick to the nearly 2,000 mile coastline with Cartagena being the touristy hotspot.

On the other hand, you can travel inland south to experience the vast Amazon rainforest.

In between for you city folk, you have the major cities of Bogota and Medellin.

While I’d argue the best of itineraries will include a bit of each, I present to you the following Colombia blog posts based on my experience traveling here.