Who Has The Fastest High Speed Internet in Chiang Rai?

Chiang Rai is a digital nomad’s dream. Cheap housing, year-round warm weather, and most of all — FAST INTERNET. In fact, Chiang Rai has some of the fastest internet speeds in Thailand thanks to the recent introduction of fiber optic internet.

Dominated by internet service provider AIS, residents can get raw high internet speeds up to 1 Gbps download and 100 Mbps upload for 999 baht/month or right around $33 USD.

After spending a couple weeks in Chiang Rai, I made it my mission to find the fastest high speed internet. Below, find my list of the places with the fastest internet speeds in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

1. Mercy Hostel 251/116 Mbps

To my delight, Mercy Hostel had the fastest internet speed that I saw in all of Chiang Rai. Speeds topped out at 251 Mbps download and 116 Mbps upload.

I lodged exclusively at Mercy Hostel during my two weeks in Chiang Rai. Not only does this hostel have fast internet, but it also has ice cold A/C, an onsite gym, and even a pool.

2. Sabroso Mexican Restaurant 218/168 Mbps

While Mercy Hostel has the fastest download speed in Chiang Rai, Sabroso Mexican Restaurant wins the prize for the fastest upload speed. With a whopping 169 Mbps upload speed, you can easily upload a 1 gigabyte file in under 60 seconds.

Although the food at Sabroso was below average Mexican, if you need a place to upload your next YouTube video in Chiang Rai, bring your laptop and grab a margarita. Only thing, you’ll have to drink fast!

3. Accha Fusion India 116/45 Mbps

Another sub-par restaurant in Chiang Rai makes the fast internet list with an impressive upload/download ratio of 116/45 Mbps.

I ate at this Indian restaurant located right around the corner from Mercy Hostel. With a 4.3 star rating on Google, I expected a chicken tikka masala that brought me back to India. However, the internet speed was the only thing worthy of writing home about.

4. Paipaa Cafe 108/44 Mbps

I can only say good things about Paipaa Cafe in Chiang Rai. Great food, fast internet, and located right across from the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar and bus terminal.

With a download speed of 108 Mbps and upload speed of 44 Mbps, you’ll have no problem streaming 4K YouTube videos, Netflix, or whatever else you care to watch at this chill little cafe with bangin’ mango smoothies.

5. Ribs&co 105/51 Mbps

I can’t speak for the ribs (call me crazy, I ordered wings and fries here), but I can tell you that Ribs&co in Chiang Rai has really fast internet at 105/51 Mbps.

With a 4.6 star rating on Google and within walking distance of Mercy Hostel, I just had to check out Ribs&co. When I got there, I was not only impressed with the lively and modern atmosphere, but the fast internet acted as the icing on the cake.

6. Tree Cafe 61/25 Mbps

Probably one of the closest restaurants to Mercy Hostel, Tree Cafe in Chiang Rai was my go-to breakfast destination until I went grocery shopping at Big C.

While I didn’t bring my phone on my first visit to Tree Cafe, I had it with me the second time and I was pleasantly surprised to find decently fast internet speeds of 61/25 Mbps.

7. Some Sunday Magic 56/22 Mbps

If you plan to visit the Black House (Baandam Museum) during your time in Chiang Rai, then I recommend stopping at Some Sunday Magic. Located super close to Baandam, Some Sunday Magic has delicious home cooked Thai food. Pair this was 56/22 Mpbs high speed internet, and you have the perfect combo.

I can’t remember specifically which dishes we ate here, but I do remember the mango smoothie hitting the spot after spending a day under the unrelenting Thailand sun.

8. รานอาหารไทยผัดไทย (Pad Thai – Thai Food) 34/12 Mbps

After having the first and best Pad Thai of my life in Laos, I made it my goal to eat as much Pad Thai in Thailand as possible. When you search Google for Pad Thai, one of the closest and highest rated result is รานอาหารไทยผัดไทย (Pad Thai – Thai Food).

While the staff here was super nice, the Pad Thai was just not that good. A modest 34/12 Mbps internet speed and complimentary watermelon slice made up for the sub-par Pad Thai.

9. Dinner Late Cafe & Restaurant 33/23 Mbps

Appropriately name, Dinner Late is a cafe and restaurant in Chiang Rai that is open late. I took out a late dinner here when I found out that my friend was coming to Chiang Rai a day early on the slow boat from Luang Prabang.

While waiting for my take out food, I measured the internet speed on my phone and was surprised to see a decent 33/23 Mbps result in this “hole in the wall” restaurant.

10. Boonbundan Guest House 31/29 Mbps

In my quest to find a cheap private room in Chiang Rai, I naturally stopped into the Boonbundan Guest House. A basic room for 2 is only 200 baht (less than $7 USD). For just 100 baht extra, you can get A/C.

While I didn’t end up staying here and opted for a much more expensive private double room at Mercy Hostel, I did test the internet speed. Last on the list of fastest internet in Chiang Rai, Boonbundan has an internet speed of 31/29 Mbps.

When you need to upload 4K videos to YouTube, fast internet becomes a priority when traveling. That’s why I put this list of places with the fastest internet in Chiang Rai together.

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If you have any questions about traveling to Chiang Rai or Thailand in general, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.

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