India Travel Blog Posts

If I had to describe India in one word, it would be insanity! While that may be the case, I am so happy that I decided to travel to India. It was a life-changing trip that was the catalyst  for the rest of my travels.

India certainly challenged me. As the first country I visited in Asia, I definitely experienced some culture shock as I left the Mumbai Airport and walked into the chaotic streets. Tuk-tuks honking, trash everywhere, thousands of people.

But once I got acclimated, I fell in love with India. The food, the people, the culture—it’s all so foreign, but at the same time makes perfect sense.

Why Should You Travel to India?

India is one of those distinct cultures that really stands out from the rest. From the comical head bobble to the elaborate clothing, there’s nothing else out there like India.

Most of all, India is a budget backpacker’s paradise. During my 5 weeks in India, I spent less than $1,100 USD… my rent alone back home in Baltimore was more than that.

Hostels cost as cheap as $2/night and a taxi ride across town isn’t much more than that.

Wether you’re looking to travel to a country full of mystical and spiritual wonders in order to find yourself or want to see how the second largest country by population lives, look no further than India.