Japan Travel Blog Posts

Japan is high up there on my list of countries that I often recommend to travel.

Within a few hours of stepping off the plane in Osaka, I fell in love with Japan. While I was in a foreign country surrounded by so many new things, a sense of familiarity and comfort overcame me. The Japanese people here were happy, healthy, and so friendly.

While it’s a bit different in a bigger city like Tokyo, there’s still an awe that holds true everywhere in Japan that is truly hard to describe.

Why Should You Travel to Japan?

Although it’s not the cheapest country to travel for backpackers, Japan is definitely possible to travel on a budget. During my 6 weeks in Japan, I spent on average $60/day.

Most of this time I was splitting expenses with a travel partner, but my final 2 weeks in Okinawa was solo.

Budgets aside, your biggest challenge is to figure out which things to see. With so many options like the bamboo forests in Kyoto, deer in Nara, beaches, Mt. Fuji, skiing, Disney, etc., it can be hard to narrow down your itinerary.

I hope you can find some inspiration from a few of my Japan travel blog posts below.