Laos Travel Blog Posts

Laos is one of those countries that very few people travel, let alone can show you on a map. Sandwiched between the more popular Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is often overlooked on Southeast Asia itineraries.

It’s quite unfortunate that this is the case because Laos often surfaces to the top of my memory as I reflect on my world travels. From the endless rice fields of Phongsaly in the north to floating down the Nam Ou river, I can confidently say that Laos is one of the most beautiful countries.

Why Should You Travel to Laos?

One reason to travel to Laos is because it’s of the cheapest countries. On a daily basis, I spent no more than $30 on everything:  food, lodging, transportation, etc.

Although I personally only experienced northern Laos, the very few people who do backpack Laos tend to stick to the south.

While Luang Prabang is a beautiful gem in northern Laos, I encourage you to get off the beaten tourist track and venture even further north to small remote villages like Muang Ngoy and Yot Ou.

Above all, you’ll find that the people of Laos are truly remarkable. I met Laotians ranging from waiters to doctors and farmers to fishermen. The kindhearted people of Laos are just another fond memory of this country that you’ll walk away with as an everlasting memory.

Below you will find a collection of Laos travel blog posts. Not sure where to start? I recommend going to Muang Ngoy.