Peru Travel Blog Posts

Maybe it’s just me because I love the outdoors, but when you travel to Peru, I have a feeling you’ll spend a lot of time amongst nature.

For me, I spent most of my time in Peru camping and in the jungle.

In fact, within hours of crossing the border into Peru from Colombia, I boarded a riverboat and traveled up the Amazon river for three days in a hammock. That was subsequently followed by an overnight trip into the Amazon jungle near Iquitos.

Then after a brief stop in Lima to surf for a couple days, I continued to Cusco where I battled elevation sickness as I hiked for five days to Machu Picchu.

Why Should You Travel to Peru?

Wether you’re an outdoor adventure seeker who’s down to hike five days to Machu Picchu or you rather take a luxury train there instead, you’ve got some options in Peru.

Likewise, surfing off the coast of Peru is optional. Instead, you may prefer to relax on the beach.

Whatever the case, Peru has something for all types of travelers and backpackers alike.